We Stand Out

Reduced Leasing Fee

One of the greatest expenses landlords have are the start up cost. Namely the amount paid to locate a new tenant. These cost go as high and are normally equal to the full months of rent. With Premier Properties your tenant placement fee will always be half a month’s rent and many times, less! Why pay a company a full month of the money for one task! We want you to be successful with your investment, and one way we do this is by reducing the greatest cost you face in this process. Start out your experience as a landlord saving money!

Low Cost Management Fees

We defy the standards in every way we can. There are many management companies out there, and to tell you a secret, we are all doing the same basic functions. How much money you make is what makes us different. Not only will you save money with leasing fees, with Premier, you will make more money every single month in our service as our monthly management fee is never higher than 8%. For clients with multiple properties we offer an even steeper discount of 6%. Or, if you have only one property that leases for $2200 or more, we offer flat rate management cost. We are here to serve, and we will make evert effort for you to capitalize on your business investment.

Up to 3 months Free!

Whether your rentals bring you the ROI you desire or not, one thing you won’t have to worry about is our goal to save you more money than any other company. Loyalty should be rewarded and with Premier Properties we will go out of our way to show you that you are appreciated. We may not send out gift cards, or have automated e-mails to tell you happy birthday and happy thanksgiving, but what we will do is save you money. When you sign a 18 month contract with us, we will offer you 3 months of free management services Guaranteed! Don’t pay more for a big name, save big bucks instead.

About Us

Applications and

We’re dedicated to attracting high-quality applicants who will ensure your property remains profitable. We focus only on highly qualified applicants who meet the requirements of our rigorous screening process. We’ll do all the heavy lifting related to applications including: Providing potential renters with access to secure online applications, forms, and payment portals, Conducting national background checks (including criminal) with major providers, Coordinating and executing credit checks, income confirmations, and employment / residential history and background checks


Your account balances are live and 100% accurate. Our software is integrated into the United States banking system, so your landlord and tenant account balances are automatically updated throughout the day and accurate to the cent.


We keep everyone informed. Tenant invoicing, payment notifications and reminders are all automated. Automated invoicing and tenant payment notifications for residents. Automated monthly statements and landlord communications


We will get you paid as fast as possible. Our software pays the management fee, contractors, landlords and other recipients chosen by you to facilitate your investments success. All this can happen on the same day you receive the rent.


Every payment from the Property Account is fully accounted for, making it the perfect place to hold rent in escrow. Landlords are fully informed in real time via email and in the software’s application. Estimates, pictures, and details can be added for each work order and are easy to view. We keep an accurate maintenance history for each property to avoid duplication and extra expense and we have the receipts to back it up!


We are on the job day and night. With the help of our back-office support team we are able to get every call. Once a client and/or tenant calls in, our customer service team will reach out to us to ensure no time is wasted in resolving any concerns that may pop up in the middle of the night.